Nearing Retirement

As retirement approaches, start preparing to put your plan into action.


Planning the Withdrawal of Your Retirement Assets

This article offers suggestions for an efficient withdrawal strategy in retirement.

Retiring? Take Control of Your Assets

When retirement’s on the horizon, there are many financial issues covered here that you'll want to consider.

When Should You Collect Social Security?

When should you begin collecting Social Security? The answer depends in part on how long you think you'll be around to collect it.


Investment Volatility and Your Retirement Income Potential

Discover how the specific timing of market ups and downs can affect long-term financial security in retirement.


Retirement Plan Distribution Planner

Calculates the effects of withdrawing the assets from a tax-deferred retirement plan.

Social Security Income

How much can you expect to receive in Social Security when you retire? This calculator will help you estimate your Social Security benefits.


Will You Outlive Your Assets?

This video considers longevity risk -- the risk that you will outlive your retirement savings.